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Amazing Romantic Restaurants in New York

New York is full of romantic places, just waiting for you to take your date there! Here are some amazing romantic restaurants in New York!

Petit Boucherie

Tucked away behind a corner shop on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, this village gem makes the most of fresh produce with a rotating menu that highlights the beauty of seasonal vegetables, fruits, and proteins. The variety you can taste, from fresh fruit and vegetables to fresh meats and cheeses, makes this hotel the ideal retreat for a cozy date night. There are so many possibilities that it is easy to forget that you are not dining alone.

Il Buco

The Nolita restaurant is located on a quiet street in the West Village and the food is reminiscent of hanging out in a rustic farmhouse. A French bistro that can rival any Parisian, spend the evening in this one before venturing out to Manhattan. The food can be described as the creme de la crepe of the New York bistro, and the atmosphere is enhanced by the flambées.

The River Cafe

The kitchen is as cozy and welcoming as you would imagine, and the menu remains the same all year round – with a wide variety of dishes, from the classic to the more exotic.

Fortunately, this is accompanied by Michelin-starred New American cuisine, and when you enjoy the evening sunset, the view of New York City from the restaurant’s rooftop terrace is breathtaking.


In warmer weather, you can request a table on the terrace, but dinner during the day is a more fun affair, especially for men who are supposed to wear jackets and ties for dinner.

If you’ve dated your new partner and have been together for years, your chosen restaurant will make or break your date night. From the intimate atmosphere, pampered cuisine, and wine, we rounded off our top selection in New York City. These are restaurants that have proven to be one of the best ways to nurture someone in your heart. These amazing romantic restaurants in New York will do their part perfectly!

Broadway is closed…for now. But going to Central Park is always a romantic option!

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