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Korean Dishes: Healthy, Exotic, and Tasty

Korean dishes may seem daunting at first glance, as there are many simple Korean recipes that are easy to prepare and delicious for dinner. Korean dishes require hours of preparation, so don’t think they require any prior preparation. There are many simple dishes such as banchan side dishes, kimchi and bok choy that do not require prior preparation.

Kimchi Bokumbap (Kimchi Fried Rice)

Korean gourmet cuisine to impress, but most people eat food that sets the dining table, so you don’t need 10 side dishes to complete a Korean meal. Fried rice is a great way to consume leftover kimchi that is barely past its prime, and there are a number of simple dishes that can be customized for various occasions such as weddings, birthdays and other special occasions.

Tofu can be used as vegetarian protein or thinly sliced beef, but the best option is fresh fish with tender white flesh.

Tong Dak (Korean BBQ Chicken Wings)

O-oven – fried chicken wings, pork ribs and pork belly work well, but you can also simply enjoy them with soy sauce to be a delicious, healthy alternative to traditional pork.

This instant pot has all the flavors of a classic beef dish, including gochujang, but you can’t just eat one. This hearty Korean belly salad wrap walks the fine line between a hearty meal and a healthy, healthy alternative to traditional pork.

Bossam (Korean Pork Belly)

This popular Korean stew can be whipped up in just 35 minutes and is served with rice, kimchi and all your favourite Korean spices. This is a great use of the old k kimchi, which gives it a rich flavor and serves as a side dish. Bulgarian chicken, which is replicated in your own garden, will not convince without a lot of effort, because ordering a takeaway grill in a Korean restaurant is not so easy.

Many variations of this dish can be baked in different ways, such as with kimchi, rice, chicken or even a combination of both.

Bugo Gook (Dried Pollack Soup)

Dried pollack soup is known in Korea as a hangover cure and can be used for colds, but also for hot ones. At Asian or Korean markets, you can buy dried pollack at a very reasonable price and eat a pot of soup in 20 minutes. This can either be an attempt to eat or clean the refrigerator, or it may have been used as part of a meal with other foods such as kimchi, rice, chicken or even salad.

If you want a quick and inexpensive starter or side dish, this June is simple and delicious served with a dip sauce or soy sauce. This spicy spinach side – the dish lasts only 15 minutes and is served as a dip sauce for soy sauces.

Korean Bean Sprout Salad (Sookju Namul)

You can also use this well-known Korean main dish – stir-fry noodles with rice vinegar and soy sauce. This recipe for quick pickling takes only 10 minutes and is ready in just 20 minutes. Serve with a hearty cabbage salad and make a perfect accompaniment for a quick and simple lunch or dinner.

This beautiful dish takes just 10 minutes and its sweet and salty flavour is a perfect accompaniment to a quick and simple lunch or dinner with a hearty cabbage salad.

The vegetables can vary and you can even add ham or other meat, but I enjoy my omelette with a side of cabbage salad and a generous dollop of kimchi (a sweet and sour sauce).

These Korean dishes are tasty AND healthy. But you can’t lose weight without exercising, and the best place to do this is Central Park!

Or you prefer to eat out?