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New York’s Best Bagels: A Timeless Classic

Among all the iconic foods in New York, such as Palslamy sandwiches, New York pizza, and New York’s best bagels can be said to be the most synonymous with New Yorkers’ true diet. We spread these baked beauties and cream cheese mixtures on them, layered the smoked fish, and even occasionally put an egg on top.

Tal Bagel Restaurant

Tal Bagels is definitely not the most relaxing bagel experience in New York. For this, head to Hudson or Sadelle’s High Street. But OG New Yorkers know that it is best to hold them on a park bench or bagel stand. Have you ever encountered a hangover who was forced to take a foreigner to the Natural History Museum? None of us. But if you do, Tal will be your savior.

H&H Bagels Restaurant

Although the original location has been closed, the Upper East Side store still attracts the best bagels in New York and has won a nod from Seinfeld. Although some bagels in New York are usually associated with the Jewish community, H&H was actually founded by Puerto Rican Helmer Toro and his father-in-law Hector Hernandez (hence the name).

Absolute Bagels

For many years, this neighboring gem has been one of the popular Upper West Side bagel shops, offering fresh bagels in the most perfect form. Plenty of toppings include cream cheese (blueberries, sun-dried tomatoes, walnuts and raisins), Tofutti, deli meats, salads and silky smoked fish, although we can happily tear them into one of their bagels.

Zach’s Bagel

Since 1994, this Tribeca staple has been hand-rolled bagels and kettle bagels (they now even have branches in UWS and the Grand Central area). Choose from 18 types of smoked and marinated fish from Acme, 16 varieties of cream cheese (including 4 types of tofu-based cheese), and 11 bagel flavors.


This beloved store opened on 21st Street in 1976 and then expanded to Midtown East. This is a beloved large bagel shop with pillows and long queues. Prepare to choose from their 18 homemade cream kinds of cheese, from sweet (apple cinnamon, blueberry) to savory (tomato sauce, jalapeno).

Black seeds

This Nolita bagel store has not only aroused heated discussion, not only because of their hand-rolled and poached Montreal-style bagels and homemade sauce (scallion cream cheese, smoked mackerel). Although their menu is great.

This is why we never want to buy a lot from the best deli or bakeries in the city. After careful consideration and numerous improvements, we have finalized this list of favorites. New York’s best bagels can be found here.

Grab a bagel before your tour in Central Park!

We’re issuing a challenge – combine bagels and wine!