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Places We Missed in New York

Music venues, bars, libraries, and clubs have been closing for what felt like an eternity and walks through the city have become rare. What is life like when you’re too busy collecting and watching live shows, having a few drinks, or just being yourself? Here are several places we missed in New York!

The downstairs bar at Music Hall of Williamsburg

We never thought we’d miss windowless basements and bars as much as we did, but here are 13 iconic New York spaces we missed last year.

Nothing could be better than the electric energy that surrounds you at night, but we missed the drumming in a room full of New Yorkers that transforms indie shows into one of the most intimate and intimate spaces in the city for live music.

Every time we entered this amazing room, we were in secret awe and we never worried about being too close to the bar or the stage.

NYPL’s Rose Main Reading Room

The quiet reading room, which took up two city blocks, dwarfed us and reminded us how small we were in the grand scheme of things, sitting at a table, putting down our books, being full of knowledge, taking care of our own business, and the lives of our friends and family members around us. This particular place felt like we had missed some of the most important events in New York history. Pulitzer Prize winners such as George Orwell, Thomas Pynchon, David Foster Wallace, and Robert Heinlein, to name a few.

The Algonquin Hotel Round Table restaurant

Sitting in this room, you could almost feel the gravity that once weighed on this literary giant. The Round Table Restaurant has a rich history and in 2002 a painting by Natalie Ascencio’s was installed in the restaurant to show the table members. In 1925, the “Round Table” was famous for the first meeting of the New York Committee on Trade. They met to earn the right to a seat at the top of a table in front of their table and a glass of wine.

Bemelmans Bar

The Bemelmans Bar at the Carlyle Hotel is one of those rare places that have disappeared but are still part of the glamorous history of the city. Live we can recreate the classic New York experience (with a Spotify playlist that helps a little) and can’t wait to relive it.

Village Vanguard

Finding a place in a crowded crowd of music lovers is one of the best things you can find in New York’s most popular music scene, but we missed out on so much of it this year. The ability to hear the sounds of talented players and hear live music from some of New York’s best bands and artists was sorely missed.

Radio City Music Hall

Attending a show at Radio City Music Hall was always like returning to an old friend who happens to be a handsome New York star. It is one of the most beautiful rooms in the city and it is always a great place to visit such shows, especially if you happen to meet old friends who were there.

The Met Opera House lobby

There are not many places in New York City that are as beautiful as the lobby of the Metropolitan Opera House, where the Rockettes and Britney Spears meet for their performances. Surrounded by cantilevered staircases, two Marc Chagall murals, and 11 crystal chandeliers reminiscent of constellations, this lobby is the perfect place for a night of great music and great art deco furniture. An opera evening is a big deal, but standing in this lobby after a performance is always a highlight. Coming from the Rockettes or Britney, you always have the feeling of indulging in a special treat, thanks to the great art deco and furniture.


These are the places we missed in New York. In fact, I can add Broadway to the mix. However, Central Park is wide open and operational!

We always miss New York’s finest sweets!