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Top-end restaurants in New York to Visit in ’21

New York is home to numerous top-end restaurants. We’ve gathered a part of them in a list. Here are the top-end restaurants in New York that you’d want to visit in 2021!

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

Van Leeuwen’s is one of the best ice cream restaurants to try in New York if you’re looking for a delicious, fresh, and affordable alternative to the usual ice cream. In 2008, he founded an ice cream truck that sells artisanal ice cream on the streets of New York and has since grown into a mini-ice cream empire. He makes his ice cream from scratch and his flavors make you want more.

Junior’s Restaurant & Bakery

If you’re not living to eat cheesecake at Junior’s, you can’t say I’m a big fan of ice cream at Van Leeuwen’s in New York City.

Junior’s not only serves cheesecake, but also a full menu, from ice cream to cheesecake, desserts to topping desserts like cheeseburgers.

Patsy’s Italian Restaurant

This family-run restaurant has served Midtown for over 50 years, since it opened in the early 1950s. Patsy’s Restaurant has become known as the restaurant that made Frank Sinatra famous. It is also one of the restaurants to visit in New York City, as it is said to be a popular pastime in New York City. A visit to New York is not complete without a meal at the Italian restaurant Patsy, and it’s not the only one.

Juliana’s Pizza

The legendary Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is located under the Brooklyn Bridge, and if you try the pizza once, you’ll see why. If you fancy one of the best pizzas in town, Juliana’s is just what you need. Zambian cuisine is another family-owned Brazilian restaurant you might want to visit in New York. It has become a famous “New York stop” for tourists thanks to its excellent food and service.

Samba Kitchen

Time Out says: “They bring the flavors of Brazil to the kitchen of hell and they’re one of the best in New York City.

City Vineyard

We recommend you start your visit with a carefully prepared drink such as a caipirinha, and if you enjoy wine, music, and good food, City Vineyard has it for you.

Once you are in the fully functional winery, you will have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the best wine in town and enjoy a beautiful view of the skyline and the river. If all these senses work together, you will want to come back to find out more about them.

East Village Pizza

The chef has a Mediterranean background and has been cooking pizza since his youth, so this is a cultural experience not to be missed. People come from near and far to taste their Mediterranean and Italian flavours, and if you want to slice a pizza, don’t miss this restaurant.

Most of these top-end restaurants in New York are either close to Broadway or to Central Park!

There are some fine Korean restaurants on the block, too!