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Unique Culinary Destinations in New York

The state of New York is a diverse one with a lot of unique culinary destinations scattered all over the place. Treat your taste buds and your desire to travel with our list!

Feel transported to Italy at Westwind Orchard (Hudson Valley)

In a stunning orchard, you can enjoy freshly pressed cider followed by pizza and beer. Italian family comes to you and you want to experience the experience again, you have to grow up with the idea of fresh pizza baked outside in the Old Land. All the ingredients and toppings are fresh from the farm, so it’s a winning combination. They bake a thin crust, crusted and cooked in their own oven, with a hint of salt and pepper and all the right ingredients for a delicious pizza.

Discover destination dining at The Debruce (Catskills)

The magnificent grounds provide the ideal setting for sipping a variety of cider and enjoying the pizza that is enough to entice the city dwellers out of town for two hours just to have something to eat. They also sell a few in the orchard tasting room, but they are not available in New York City.

This weekend in Willowemoc Creek Forest offers a culinary journey that will land under the radar in less than a day. Friday is a casual dinner, and Saturday is the main focus of the nine-course tasting menu. Some people eat for their lives and others live to eat, but serious culinary enthusiasts can plan their entire vacation by going to DeBruised Lodge in the Catskills for a three-day dining experience at one of New York’s most unique restaurants.

Tour and dine on a farm at Heather Ridge Farm (Capital-Saratoga)

Each dish highlights ingredients from nearby or neighboring farms, such as berries, nuts, vegetables, herbs, fruits, and spices.

Don’t take us at our word, Esquire has named it one of the best restaurants in America in 2018, and Conde Nast Traveler has named it “one of the best hotels in the world.” Escape to this idyllic retreat where you will appreciate good food and good company. Outside guests are welcome, even if you do not want to stay, but take the time to watch without watching TV or telephone.

When you are strolling through the food and buying freshly made charcuterie, the dishes include caressing chilies, chicken, pork, beef, lamb, goat, duck, turkey, game, and more. The pan is made from peasant skins, with fresh vegetables, herbs, spices, and spices from all over the world.

Eat all the cheese you please at River Rat Cheese Curds (Thousand Islands-Seaway)

When you eat the famous curd, you have to follow the rules, because after the curd you will want to indulge in the rat’s curd.

The River Rat, we were lucky enough to try one of the most famous rat quarks in the world in New York City. It is just a short walk from the Museum of the Ancient Boat and a few blocks from a number of restaurants and bars in Manhattan.

The shop is the perfect place to stock up on picnic utensils and enjoy a meal and water. The shop also sells a wide range of food and drinks such as beer, wine, and wine glasses, as well as a variety of snacks.

Take a maple tour at Sprague’s Maple Farms (Chautauqua-Allegheny)

When you’re in New York, you can’t miss the opportunity to sample fresh maple products from a local farm. Sprague Maple Farms people take it upon themselves to show you the process of tree tapping and the old methods of syrup making. Try it and pour it generously over a fresh stack of pancakes or try to get a maple product from the farm shop as a gift or a tasty souvenir.


We weren’t able to do a lot of traveling in the last couple of years, but these unique culinary destinations in New York State are on our list after all of this is over.

We miss those places!

But Central Park is here to save us from boredom!